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Raines Polygraph Services - Infidelity and relationship issues - lie detector test - polygraph exam

Infidelity and Relationship Issues

Relationship issues can be tormenting by the uncertainty of not knowing the truth about your partner. Quash those unsettling thoughts by utilizing Raines Polygraph Services to find the truth.

If you find yourself on the side of being accused and you want to clear any allegations of infidelity or wrongdoing in your relationship, a polygraph exam is the quickest way to resolve those issues. Infidelity and relationship exams can be constructed to meet the needs of the client by incorporating explicit request and adhering to strict confidentiality.

Raines Polygraph Services - post conviction sex offender polygraph exam - lie detector test

Post-Conviction Sex Offender

Post-Conviction Sex Offender exams are used to assist therapist and probation officers in their treatment and supervision of individuals. These types of exams allow a more detailed targeting of treatment in specific areas and assist in maintaining compliance among individuals.

If you are a treatment provider inquiring about specific services for your clients, contact Raines Polygraph Services directly so we can discuss those services. If you are a client in need of services in this area, please contact us directly so we can coordinate with your treatment provider.

Criminal Polygraph test - Raines Polygraph services - Oklahoma lie detector test - wrongfully accused

Wrongfully Accused/Criminal Allegations

If you find yourself subject to criminal accusations or any other type of misconduct, allow Raines Polygraph Services to help you in corroborating your innocence using a specific issue polygraph exam.

Examiners can provide written reports that may aid in your defense against any wrongdoing. Speak to your legal counsel about using the polygraph to assist in clearing your good name of any misconduct.

Pre-Employment polygraph exam - Raines Polygraph Services - fire or police polygraph test - oklahoma


Pre-employment polygraph testing is designed to assist governmental agencies in making sound decisions when hiring suitable applicants. At Raines Polygraph Services, we can tailor our pre-employment screening exams to meet specific areas of general concern for your agency.

These types of exams will assist in increased applicant disclosures that might not always be uncovered during the background investigation phase and expose applicants who attempt to withhold incriminating information during the agencies hiring process.


If your goal is seeking the truth, then contact Raines Polygraph Services today.